Procedures Manual


A. Membership

Any corporation, partnership, limited liability company or individual licensed as an excess line broker under §2105 of the New York  Insurance Law shall be deemed a member of the Association.

B. Membership Requirements

1.    Registration

Each member must register with the Association to use the electronic filing system by contacting elanyhelpdesk@elany.org.

2.   Designated Representative

Members that are organized as corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships shall provide the Association, in writing, with the name of an officer, partner or employee who shall be authorized to exercise all powers, rights and responsibilities of those members including, but not limited to, the rights to vote and to serve as a director.

3.   Address Changes

The Association should be informed immediately if there is a change in address or other pertinent information so that the Association may properly direct all necessary reports and correspondence. Such changes should be emailed to elanyhelpdesk@elany.org.

4.   License Termination

If you determine that you are not going to renew your excess line license or if you are surrendering your excess line license voluntarily, you must advise ELANY by email at elanyhelpdesk@elany.org.


Last Reviewed/Revised: March 2, 2021