The Excess Line Association of New York was created by statute in 1988 and began business in 1989. It is a non profit industry advisory association. ELANY is charged with the duty to facilitate and encourage compliance with the excess line law.


  • acts as a facilitator between the brokers and the regulators.
  • conducts financial review and oversight of non-admitted markets.
  • provides continuing education:
    • certified provider for C.E. credits
    • publications.
  • lobbies Regulators & Legislators.
  • maintains information database:
    • for reporting to regulators.
    • to assist members with tax reports.
  • reviews documents for compliance.
  • protects members, consumers and marketplace against fraud.
  • protects state revenues.
  • facilitates and encourages compliance.
  • acts as an industry representative organization.

ELANY is a warehouse of solid information on the E&S marketplace. When you have questions, particularly on New York E&S laws and regulations and interpretations by the Department of Financial Services, consider ELANY to be one of your resources.

Board of Directors

Janet Pane, Chairman Willis Towers Watson 2018
Lance Becker, Vice Chairman Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. 2020
John A. Buckley, Treasurer NIF Services of New York, Inc. 2019
James Richardson, Secretary General Star Management Company 2019
Joseph Caligiuri National Coverage Corp. 2019
Eric Keller H. R. Keller & Co., Inc. 2020
Kevin McGill Frenkel & Company 2018
Donald Privett Brown and Riding 2018
Robert Shapiro Global Facilities, Inc. 2020
Immediate Past Chairman
Gary Hollederer Russell Bond & Co., Inc.
Executive CommitteeAudit and Finance Committee
Janet Pane, Chairwoman
Lance Becker
John A. Buckley
James Richardson
John A. Buckley, Chairman
Gary Hollederer
Kevin McGill

Donald Privett
Operations & Procedures Committee Industry Liaison, Legislation & Regulation Committee
Lance Becker, Chairman
David Isenberg (Ex-Officio) 
Eric Keller 
Donald Privett
Robert Shapiro
Joseph F. Caligiuri, Chairman
Gary Hollederer
Janet Pane
James Richardson
Robert Shapiro
Information Resources and Security Committee Nominations Committee
Margaret M. Beirne, Chairwoman
Lance Becker
John A. Buckley
Gary Hollederer 
Janet Pane
Gary Hollederer, Chairman
John Buckley
Joseph Caligiuri 
Robert Shapiro
1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10036
(212) 372-1210
John McParland, CPA
Association Office
Excess Line Association of New York
One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway, 29th Floor
New York, NY 10006-3728
(646) 292-5500

Excess Line Association of New York

Serving the Excess & Surplus Lines Broker Community
for More than 25 Years

One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway,29th Floor
New York, NY 10006
(646) 292-5500