Insurers No Longer Listed in NY: Foreign

37958Acceptance Insurance Company8/10/199212/5/2001In Rehabilitation since April 2008.
16519Alliance General Insurance Company5/17/199611/17/1998Order of Liquidation January 2000.
30902Alpine Insurance Company7/7/19894/19/1996Order of Liquidation June 2000.
33189Alterra Excess & Surplus Insurance Company5/22/200712/31/2015Merged into Evanston Insurance Company December 31, 2015.
38237American Country Insurance Company7/7/19895/1/1994Operates as a subsidiary of Atlas Financial Group.
43117American Equity Insurance Company (f/k/a Investors Special Risk Insurance Company)5/14/19968/31/2005Operates as a subsidiary of Travelers Companies Inc.
12489American Modern Surplus Lines Insurance Company8/16/20064/1/2012Name changed to Bridgeway Insurance Company and restored to listing on November 12, 2020.
25433American Safety Indemnity Company (f/k/a Trafalgar Insurance Company)12/3/19968/6/2015Merged into TIG Insurance Company June 30, 2016.
27898Americas Insurance Company3/26/19916/30/1995Operates as a subsidiary of Assure Holding Corporation.
27189Associated International Insurance Company7/7/198912/31/2016Merged into Evanston Insurance Company December 31, 2016.
15610AXIS Specialty Insurance Company (f/k/a Connecticut Specialty Insurance Company)7/26/19943/31/2010Operates as a subsidiary of AXIS Capital Holdings Limited.
13551Blackboard Specialty Insurance Company3/27/20155/4/2020Voluntarily withdrew effective 5/4/20.
37826Canadian Universal Insurance Co.5/5/19899/25/1990Order of Liquidation February 1991.
10545Casualty Insurance Company7/1/19912/22/1995Merged into Freemont Indemnity Company and subsequently liquidated July 2, 2003.
10932Chartis Select Insurance Company (f/k/a Starr Excess Liability Insurance Company, Ltd.)9/22/199912/31/2011Merged into Lexington Insurance Company January 1, 2012.
43117Chesapeake Casualty Company5/5/19893/27/1991Operates as a subsidiary of Travelers Companies Inc. under the name American Equity Insurance Company.
22675CIGNA Specialty Insurance Co. (f.k.a. California Union Insurance Company)7/7/19892/20/1996Merged into Century Indemnity Company February 12, 1996.
43095Clarendon America Insurance Co.5/5/19895/17/1990Merged into Clarendon National Insurance Company December 31, 2015.
15989Colonia Underwriters Insurance Co.3/15/19941/1/1995Restored to eligibility as Catlin Specialty Insuance Company October 15, 2008.
13124Companion Specialty Insurance Company5/14/20142/11/2015Merged into Sussex Insurance Company January 31, 2015.
10213Discover Specialty Insurance Company6/13/200012/31/2012Operates as a subsidiary of Travelers Companies Inc.
39020Essex Insurance Company5/17/19906/30/2016Merged into Evanston Insurance Company June 30, 2016.
21822First State Insurance Company5/5/19893/4/1993Operates as a subsidiary of Hartford Financial Services Group.
34380Front Royal Insurance Company5/17/19906/30/1994Merged into Colony Insurance Company and restored to eligibility July 31, 1997.
42250Frontier Pacific Insurance Company9/13/19953/3/1997Order of Liquidation November 2001.
36838General Agents Insurance Company of America, Inc.(GAINSCO)5/5/19893/22/2002Restored to eligibility as Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company on August 24, 2009.
34991Genesis Indemnity Insurance Company7/14/199212/31/2011Merged into General Star Indemnity Company 2011.
35947Gibraltar Casualty Insurance Company5/2/19953/23/2002Merged into TIG Insurance Company July 2016.
36200Health Providers Insurance Company (HPIC)8/31/198910/22/1999Merged into St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company July 1, 2002.
39527Heritage Indemnity Company5/17/199012/28/1995Operates as a subsidiary of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.
40363Home Insurance Company of Wisconsin5/5/19897/1/1995Merged into the Home Insurance Company and subsequently liquidated June 2003.
11460Homestead Insurance Company5/5/19892/10/1998Operates as a subsidiary of Homestead Strategic Holdings, Inc.
21091International Surplus Lines Insurance Company5/5/198910/17/1994Merged into TIG Insurance Company December 16, 2002.
43745Investors Special Risk Insurance Company (f/k/a Chesapeake Casualty Company)3/26/19914/22/1995Operates as a subsidiary of Travelers Companies Inc. under the name American Equity Insurance Company.
40991Kemper Indemnity Insurance Co. (f.k.a. Carlisle Insurance Company)1/7/19945/1/2003Merged into the American Motorists Insurance Company and subsequently liquidated May 2013.
29912Legion Indemnity Company (f/k/a Dearborn Insurance Company)6/30/19894/9/2002Order of Liquidation July 2003.
26743Lincoln Insurance Company5/5/19892/14/1996Restored to eligibility as Maxum Indemnity Company May 28, 1998.
22152Mayflower Insurance Company, Ltd. (The)1/20/199510/18/2000Merged into Continental Insurance Company December 31, 2006.
33189Monticello Insurance Company2/16/19991/13/2005Merged into Evanston Insurance Company December 31, 2015.
42951MSI Preferred Insurance Company11/9/20067/1/2011Merged into Country Preferred Insurance Company September 30, 2012.
26115National Colonial Insurance Company5/17/19905/12/1993Order of Liquidation July 1993.
38172National Guaranty Insurance Company of Burlington, VT.9/24/19902/1/2000Operates as a subsidiary of Waste Management.
19160Old Lyme Insurance Company of Rhode Island, Inc.5/5/198912/31/2004Merged into TIG Insurance Company December 28, 2009.
11446Quanta Specialty Lines Ins Co5/14/200410/1/2006Merged into Quanta Indemnity Company January 1, 2013.
24481Reliance Insurance Company of Illinois5/5/19899/25/2000Merged into Reliance Insurance Company and subsequently liquidated October 2001.
28053Rockhill Insurance Company5/5/19891/3/2019Company voluntarily withdrew.
41807Royal Surplus Lines Insurance Company5/11/19986/1/2004Name changed to Arrowwood Surplus Lines Insurance Company and renamed to Transverse Specialty Insurance Company in early 2020.
11100Safeco Surplus Lines Insurance Company5/17/199012/21/2012Operates as a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual Holding Company Inc.
13815Sparta Specialty Insurance Company8/18/201112/24/2014Restored to eligibility as Safety Specialty Insuance Company August 2016.
22276Stonewall Insurance Company5/5/19896/9/1994Operates as a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway under the name Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company.
24058Surplus Underwriters Casualty Insurance Company9/24/199010/1/1993Merged into Financial Casualty & Surety, Inc. September 30, 2003.
12866T.H.E. Insurance Company5/5/19895/17/1999Operates as a subsidiary of XL Group Ltd.
25445TIG Specialty Insurance Company4/5/19964/5/2004Restored to eligibility as Ironshore Specialty Insurance Company September 2, 2008.
10738TM Specialty Insurance Company3/28/200012/21/2012Operates as a subsidiary of Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
18031Topa Insurance Company10/16/19891/12/1994Operates as a subsidiary of Topa Equities, Ltd.
38857Traders & General Insurance Company12/16/20088/1/2013Merged into OneBeacon Insurance Company August 1, 2013.
24319Ulico Indemnity Company9/3/19961/6/2004Restored to eligibility as Allied World Surplus Lines Insurance Company February 8, 2008.
39330United Capitol Insurance Company5/5/19897/14/2000Order of Liquidation November 2001.
10182USF&G Specialty Insurance Company12/11/199512/8/2005Operates as a subsidiary of the GeoVera investment Group, Ltd. under the name GeoVera Specialty Insurance Co.
43451Utica Specialty Risk Insurance Company9/27/20001/1/2012Operates as a subsidiary of Utica Mutual Insurance Company.
36781VASA North Atlantic Insurance Company7/1/19916/2/1992Operates as a subsidiary of Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Co. of Iowa under the name FMH AG Risk Insurance Co.
31267York Insurance Company of Maine1/30/200312/5/2013Merged into CastlePoint National Insurance Company and subsequently liquidated March 2017.
24317ZC Specialty Insuance Company (f/k/a Western Alliance Insurance Company)7/7/19899/30/2004Merged into Centre Reinsurance October 1, 2010.